Clash Royale Hacken aber wie?

Als leidenschaftlicher Clash Royale Spieler, werde ich versuchen, Ihnen einige Tipps und eine kurze Anleitung zu geben, um Ihre Strategie vielleicht mit meiner zu optimieren.

Ich halte mich immer an dem Spruch: Angriff ist die beste Verteidigung. Sie werden wahrscheinlich fragen – warum? Die Antwort ist einfach, Sie lassen nicht Ihren Feind in der Nähe Ihres Turms zu bekommen. Aus meiner Sicht, wenn ich ein gutes Gleichgewicht zwischen der Verteidigung und der Straftat mache, bekomme ich nicht wirklich gute Ergebnisse, aber wenn ich nur auf den Angriff konzentriert bin, lasse ich nicht zu, dass die anderen Zeit haben, Pläne zu machen.

Zusätzlich zu den oben genannten, mache ich Kombinationen zwischen den hohen HP Nahkampf und hohe Schaden Reichweite Karten. Warum? – Während die starken Nahkampfeinheiten vom Feind getroffen werden, nutzen die Streckeneinheiten die Zeit, um den Türmen viel Schaden zuzufügen.

Wenige andere kurze, aber sehr nützliche Tipps möchte ich mit Ihnen teilen:

1. Versuche, nicht derjenige zu sein, der zuerst angreifen wird. Warten Sie, bis der Gegner seinen Zug machen kann, um sich einen schönen Plan zu machen.

2. Aktualisieren Sie nie Karten, die nicht so viel kraftvoll wie nötig für die späten Levels bekommen können.

3. Berechnen Sie immer das Elixier und machen Sie gute Kombinationen mit ihm, bevor Sie es für Karten ausgeben.

4. Achten Sie darauf, fokussiert bleiben, sobald die Zeit trifft die 60 Sekunden, wenn die tatsächliche Elixier geht x2 die Standardeinstellung.

5. Erhalten Sie nicht demotivated, wenn Sie sich in einer Schlacht mit jemand sehen, das 1 oder 2 Niveaus über Ihnen ist. Wenn nichts anderes, gibt es eine leichte Chance, dass sie Internet-Verbindung drop haben



Clash Royale Hacken

Is AppBounty Really Worth it? We Tested it

appbounty test

Download, start, earn points and get vouchers. This is what Appbounty of the Berlin company Advertile Mobile UG promises. Via Appbounty anyone can download small programs for the smartphone and earn so-called “Credits”. These can be converted from a certain value into vouchers for iTunes, the Play Store, Amazon and a few more things. But is it really so fast and easy? We’ve tried it with an Android smartphone.

Appbounty is available in several countries free of charge in the Play Store for Android devices and iTunes for Apple products, but usually also a visit to the website After the user has downloaded and started the app, you are, of course, prompted to sign up with his Facebook account. However, the step can also be skipped confidently. Then you will see about 15 apps that you can download directly.

Under the title of the app is indicated what needs to be done to get the desired points. Most of the time there is only “Download and Start”. To the right of this are the reward points you get for it. This can be only 14, but also 118. “How many points you get for an app depends on how much the app developer pays us for us to market his app,” explains the Managing Director Jens Disselhoff of Advertile Mobile UG.
With Apple there are more points

In the comments of the Play Store and in forums, users complain about the fact that there are more points per app in the iOS app. “Yes that’s right. The developers usually pay more to market their iOS apps. Apple customers have the higher pay-ability, “says Disselhoff.

If you then tap the points, you will be redirected to the app store. There should be again checked whether the app is really free. In the test you were only forwarded to free apps, but it was not always the ones that you selected. According to Disselhoff it can happen that the providers other apps than they promised the Berlin company. If such a case is reported by a user or discovered by employees, the provider is informed about this and, if necessary, the offer is blocked.

If you make sure that the app is free, you can download it. If it is installed, it must be started once and sometimes tap something inside the app. Few apps require a registration. If this is necessary for the points, this is indicated with Appbounty but before the download. If the steps have been completed, the points should already be well written to the account. Sometimes it takes up to ten minutes. If the points are there, you can safely uninstall the app if you do not like it. The points remain the same.

Partially one does not come however only until the download. In the test with the Android version of Appbounty often appeared the message that the offer no longer exists. According to Disselhoff, this is because the app developers either specify a period during which their offer should be available or a certain number of downloads to be generated.
1000 points for 2 dollars

This system gives new offers every two to three days, so you can continue to collect points. For a 2 dollar Amazon voucher you need 1000 points, this corresponds to Android on average 20 apps – a pretty big effort. IOS is a bit faster. Because of the greater rewards, the download of about 14 apps.

There are usually unknown game apps available. But there are also apps in the offer, which one perhaps one or so download as Paypal, “”, the flirt app Lovoo as well as Lieferando and Lieferheld.

Points are also available for invited friends or registration by Facebook. This is worth more than downloading the apps. There are 250 points per friend. Four invited friends thus give a 2 dollar coupon. For 10 euros it needs 20 friends or the download of about 100 apps.

A child with his iPad has actually managed to earn a $ 50 coupon. In the self-test with the Android device, there were not enough points for the individual apps and too many unavailable offers to get a $ 2 voucher on a day or two. Managing Director Disselhoff says that the Android app is not yet fully developed and the focus is on the iOS app. But the Android app is still working.

All in all we can say that the alternative AppNana Hack worked better for us.

Dragon Mania Legends Tricks

When you click on an attack (fire, earth, etc), you will see a color on the opposing dragons. So you can get more damage in Dragon Mania Legends!

If you have selected an attack at Dragon Mania Legends, you must wait until the white arrow is in the green area. So you get a perfect attack and do more damage than if the arrow remains in the gray area. But be careful: if you land in the red area, you miss the opponent and you do not damage.
Click on the screen when the arrow is in the green area. This allows you to achieve a perfect attack and more damage to the screen when the arrow is in the green area. This gives you a perfect attack and thus more damage

Tip 1: Drag kites in Dragon Mania Legends

Since you will probably have little gold, a good tip, which I always forget. And in the app you can stroke your kites. To do this, click on a Habitat and then select a kite. Now whisk over this and as a reward there is gold. The higher the dragon is at its level / level, the higher the reward.

You can stroke every kite once every 2 hours and cash in on gold. It is therefore always worthwhile to have the maximum number of habitats and to upgrade them to have more kites. There are 20 gold per level. A level 7 dragon also adds 40 gold through the stroking.
Collect additional gold every 2 hours by kiting your kite. Keep additional gold every 2 hours by stroking your kite

Tip 2: Build the maximum number of farms and produce forage

Dragon Mania Legends is a classic dragon rearing game. Therefore you must always have enough food. You’ll start feeding on the farm. So always keep in mind that you have also built the maximum number of farms, because at regular intervals there are also new farms to be built during the level upgrade. Later, you should upgrade to Level 2 to get longer cultivation times than 30 minutes.


Dragon Mania Legends Hack

My Singing Monsters


The Facebook game My Singing Monsters inspires millions of Facebook users. The game can also be played on the smartphone. The graphic of this Facebook game is in a lot of colors and is played with cute singing monsters. This means that this mobile game is a musical and monstrous adventure for the user. But the monsters who operate there do not have any teeth whatsoever, and they are not a drooling, growling beast that wants to look for succulent booty. The creatures that are at My Singing Monsters are the exact opposite. The player is in the midst of the monsters in their world. There they danced, sung and cuddled. So, what the My Singing Monsters can make can be briefly summarized. In the middle, the player breeds many different creatures and has to supply them every day. And this is quite a lot of work, as only happy monsters are guaranteed fun.

There are a total of more than 30 different types of monsters, ranging from small cute creatures with white fur and big feet to colorful fur coats. In short, each monster is just cuddly. And in between is always sung by the monsters. There is a musical change. The music and the songs can be heard by the player in the 3D sound. The monsters multiply incredibly fast. Habitat have the monsters but enough. After all, there are also islands to the monsters to spread. However, it is necessary that enough coins and diamonds are available. Otherwise, the small singing monsters can not be supplied. This is just like in normal life. In addition to hatching, caring for the monsters and singing, the player must also ensure that sufficient economic resources are available, that this will also be possible.

My Singing Monsters Hack
We for every other game is also available for the Facebook game My Singing Monsters Cheats, that is codes, with the help of which there are some diamonds or one or the other coin, so it is possible that the spread of the cuddling Monsters on the islands are still fast and the little ones always have something to feed. The necessary cheat codes can get any player on the Internet. Thanks to the cheats, playing the Facebook game My Singing Monsters is much more fun. This means the actual target is reached much faster and most of all you have continuous music in your ear.

Conclusion: My Singing Monsters

The free Facebook game My Singing Monsters is ideal for all fans of games where you are responsible for small creatures, in this case colorful colorful cuddly monsters. The breeding of the beings is fun and above all the great music, which is offered here and which the player has constantly in the ear, are already fantastic.